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Venedocia Lions Scholarship


The club awards one-time scholarships in the amount of $500 to graduating seniors from York and Jennings Townships. Special consideration may be given to children of club members who live outside York and Jennings Townships.

An application form is available online each spring. Completed applications must reach the Lions Club by May 1.


The scholarship program was established in 1997 to reward the accomplishments of graduating seniors from the immediate area. From 1997 through 2006, the amount of the scholarships was $250.00 each. In 2007, the amount was increased to $500.00.

124 scholarships totaling $47,000 have been awarded since 1997.


* The club facilitated the awarding of the 4 memorial scholarships, but the funding for those scholarships originated from the families of the namesakes. See further information below.


DJHS: Delphos Jefferson
DSJHS: Delphos St Johns
LHS: Lincolnview
SHS: Spencerville
VWHS: Van Wert
HS: Home School Graduate

Scholarship Forms

2017 Venedocia Lions Scholarship Application (.pdf)
Completed application must be received by Monday, May 1, 2017.

Instructions for obtaining 2016 Scholarship proceeds (.pdf)


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Past Scholarship Recipients

2017 (3)

Kaitlynn Adams, SHS

Christina Emery, SHS

Dillan Woods, SHS

2016 (7)

Chandler Adams, LHS

Savannah Bigham, LHS

Dylan Bockey, SHS

Ashton Bowersock, LHS

Madison Jones, LHS

Evan Pugh, SHS

Whitney Welker, LHS

2015 (5)

Cierra Adams, SHS

Andrew Emery, SHS

Rachel Hiett, SHS

Hannah McCleery, LHS

Colleen Schulte, DJHS

2014 (5)

Zachary Bockey, SHS

Conner McCleery, LHS

Ashley McClure, LHS

Logan Miller, LHS

Kyle Williams, LHS

2013 (6)

Jennifer Burnett, SHS

Cassandra Emery, SHS

Jeffrey Jacomet, LHS

Angelo Katalenas, LHS

Whitney Miller, LHS

Sara Sizemore, SHS

2012 (6)

Bethany Army, LHS

Alicia Ball, SHS

Juliette Bonifas, DSJHS

Brandon Jacomet, LHS

Samantha Karalunas, LHS

Morgan Pugh, SHS

* John Core, SHS -- Robert Dicus Ag Memorial

* Jacob Staley, LHS -- Roger Jones Ag Memorial

2011 (4)

Staci Hiett, SHS

Samantha Jones, LHS

Paige McClure, LHS

Shane Williams, LHS

* Kaley Core, SHS -- Robert Dicus Ag Memorial

* Shane Williams, LHS -- Roger Jones Ag Memorial

2010 (4)

Christopher Beck, LHS

Austin Kayser, LHS

Anne Morris, HS

Jeremy Morris, LHS

2009 (7)

Stephanie Beck, LHS

Stacy Giessler, LHS

Jay Hiett, SHS

Brittany Katalenas, LHS

Peter McCollow, SHS

Morgan Miller, LHS

Ethan Morris, HS

2008 (12)

Brittany Bigham, LHS

James Brake, LHS

Crystal Cully, LHS

Jenna Harman, LHS

Audrey Hobbs, SHS

Kristyn Jones, LHS

Erin Knott, LHS

Chelsey Lloyd, SHS

Austin Miller, LHS

Laura Ruen, LHS

Collin Walker, SHS

Kelbi Williams, LHS


2007 (5)

Joshua Army, LHS

Isaiah Jones, VWHS

Thomas Katalenas, LHS

Ben Knott, LHS

Julia Morris, LHS

2006 (4)

Michael Breese, LHS

Brett Davis, LHS

Ryan Miller, LHS

Briana Owens, LHS

2005 (7)

Mikki DeVilbiss, SHS

Sara Giessler, LHS

Joel Harman, LHS

Ashley Miller, LHS

Johnathon Morris, LHS

Kayla Owens, LHS

Eli Waltz, SHS

2004 (7)

Shawn Kill, SHS

Kelly Mathew, VWHS

Noel Morris, HS

Stacie Rhodes, SHS

Rachel Ruen, SHS

Gretchen Simindinger, SHS

Justin Yoh, LHS

2003 (6)

Scott Custis, LHS

Eric Giessler, LHS

Meaghan Good, LHS

Nick Knott, LHS

Jordan Miller, LHS

Kasey Schaadt, LHS

2002 (11)

Robbie Breese, LHS

Emma Jones, LHS

Jennie Evans, SHS

Shana Evans, LHS

Chad Fryer, SHS

Denise Kill, SHS

Evan Spencer McGee, LHS

Kurt Price, LHS

Steve Richards, VWHS

Emily Seibert, LHS

Jessica Springer, LHS

2001 (6)

Andy Breese, LHS

Sarah DeVilbiss, SHS

Rachel Eutsler, SHS

Marie Morris, HS

Brandon Overholt, VWHS

Dustin Schaadt, LHS

2000 (7)

Misty Bragg, LHS

Andrew Burnett, SHS

Renee Davis, LHS

Megan Evans, LHS

Leah Morris, HS

Amy Price, LHS

Erica Wicker, LHS

1999 (4)

Elizabeth Evans, SHS

Tamara Lloyd, LHS

Nicki Schaadt, LHS

Neal Warnecke, SHS

1998 (4)

Chelcy Miller, LHS

Amber Price, LHS

Emily Simindinger, SHS

Megan Waltz, SHS

1997 (4)

Stacy Evans, LHS

Joshua Hobbs, SHS

Kristen Niemeyer, SHS

Torrey Reed, LHS

Memorial Agricultural Scholarships

The Venedocia Lions Club has facilitated the presentation of memorial scholarships for two club members. Funding for the scholarships was provided by the club members' families. The scholarship recipients were selected by committee from students choosing to pursue agriculture related fields.

Robert Dicus -- 1946-2009

The Robert Dicus Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Kaley Core from Spencerville High School in 2011 in the amount of $500. The scholarship is renewable for 2012, 2013, and 2014.

In 2012, the scholarship was awarded to Spencerville student John Core in the one-time amount of $700.

Bob joined the Venedocia Lions Club in 2003 and was club president at the time of his death. He was a lifelong farmer in Jennings Township.

D. Roger Jones -- 1919-2009

The D. Roger Jones Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Lincolnview High School students Shane Williams in 2011 and Jacob Staley in 2012 in the one-time amounts of $500.

Roger joined the the Venedocia Lions Club in 2000. He was a lifelong farmer in York Township.

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